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The New Guard

The core members of the New Guard are the direct descendants of the first instigators of the prisoner rebellion. At least they say so themselves, and proving them wrong is impossible. Though their supposed lineage has long since been thinned out by losses and newcomers, they still regard themselves as the leaders of the rebellion one hundred and twenty years ago. As such, arrogance and pride is rife amongst their ranks, and they regard themselves as a cut above the rest of the denizens. Though other Rusters rarely take this too seriously, it has remained part of their identity for over a century.

The New Guard live on the eastern side of the settlement's outer slums, presiding over a long stretch of turf east of the Hyperion Platform. Their streets are kept relatively clean and presentable, and their members often spruce up with as much style and foppishness as can be managed in the squalor of Rust. Dusters and tall hats are a common theme amongst Rust's self-proclaimed upper class, and the women are partial to updone hair. If it looks classy and does not hinder the wearer in a fight or a trek through the ruins, some New Guard or other has tried to adapt it to his gear at some point.

They are businessmen foremost, and well-versed in protecting their enterprises. No other clan has made a permanent home on Rust's east side, and while the other denizens joke that this is because none can stand their arrogance, the New Guard take it as part of their lofty image to not bump shoulders with their rivals. They have done this many times in the past, however, and fought many bitter turf wars with the Niners before the borders were drawn. Though they once tried to seize control of the neutral market and claim governorship of all of Rust, they failed and have since turned their focus on business and posturing.

Block Nine

There is a dozen different stories about the origins of the “Niners.” The most commonly accepted one is that they started as a prison gang in some block #9 from whence they took their name, and it is believed that a particularly fierce and infamous prisoner rallied the gang to join the rebellion, leading his side of a two-pronged attack on the overseers. Theories as to the precise identity of this leader range from infamous Titan crimelord Ixiblat Gor to various former Terran dictators or terrorists, and he is revered more for what he did than for whom he may or may not have been. Often referred to simply as the First Boss, the Niners drink to him every month and rarely worry much about his authenticity.

Block Nine is a gang of hedonistic punks, for the most part. Some do take up the slack and manage the faction's businesses or beat some minor discipline into the ranks, but most are lax and unruly. They prefer to put their minds to the present and enjoying life's pleasures, something they tend to do at their renowned bar and “dancing” establishment, the Dark Side. Niners are often easy to spot by their bold hairstyles and tattoos, and many dress in trashy ragtag outfits. Prone to casual violence, raucuous behaviour and disgusting habits, they are a nuisance for other denizens to be around.

The Niners' turf is on the west side of Rust, directly opposite of The New Guard's with whom they fought fiercely in the settlement's infancy and still maintain a tense rivalry. Their streets are poorly cared-for, often littered with trash and debris, and it is rare that a Niner bothers to maintain whatever building they are currently sleeping in. They do care about their bar, though, and keep it somewhat presentable as many of its customers come from other parts of Rust. Located in the northern end of their turf, the raunchy and flamboyant club is impossible to miss. Further north is the turf of The Red Company with whom they have fought little, but have long suspected of secretly aiding The New Guard in order to encroach on Block Nine's turf.

The Red Company

Of the three major factions in Rust, the Red Company is the most militaristic. They are somewhat less numerous and occupy a smaller turf, but they are more disciplined than anyone else in the settlement. Formed by Rusters from the slums, and some who left the other Families in search of stronger purpose, the Reds are a newer faction than those who founded the settlement and fought for dominance in its early days. They are united by their desire to conquer the Hyperion Platform and bring the Moon under the rulership of a single authority, but they have not yet amassed the power to do so.

The members of the Red Company are often young, consisting of rebellious or idealistic youngsters who left the other factions after being smitten with the Reds' cause. This has led to a lot of bad blood between the Reds and the other factions as they were seen to steal their young by filling their heads with stupid dreams. They sometimes style themselves after the images of ancient soldiers and warriors found on scavenged holodiscs or artworks, and they have been mocked by other denizens for their “wargames,” but it is well-known that they are disciplined and keep a tight grip on their turf. They themselves have often blamed the rest of the denizens for failing to finish the job they began one hundred and twenty years ago, leaving the treasure trove of Hyperion intact.

The Red Company was officially formed roughly fifty years after people settled around the Hyperion Platform. Starting as merely a small crew of ambitious slum-dwellers, they grew steadily until they were able to seize the old industrial district in the northwestern corner of Rust. Here they prepare for a hostile takeover of Hyperion should an opportunity present itself, and it is speculated by many Rusters that the Reds would not hesitate to claim rulership of the Moon in such an event.

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