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What type of weapons are there?

There are melee weapons and firearms. All weapons can be thrown as well, but only those suited for throwing are likely to do significant damage that way. You can also try to use a gun as a melee weapon, but it is rarely effective and can easily damage the gun.

How dangerous is combat?

Combat on PRPI is rarely so quick that you do not have a chance to react by for instance fleeing or simply RPing. However death is permanent and some injuries can take a very long time to heal. Combat is very serious business and you should never push your luck. If you are not a fighter by trade and you are ill equipped, you probably would not be able to win a fight against anything. But with experience comes knowledge and you will learn in time how the combat system works and when you have a good chance of winning a fight and when it is better to run.

What is a stance and what are they good for?

Stances are different styles of fighting that any character can employ to be more defensive or offensive. To use a stance you use the set command. For instance, set frantic to set frantic stance. They come in the following six shapes:

Frantic* - You will forgo all defense and be completely offensive.

Aggressive - You will forgo most of your defense in favor of offense.

Normal - You will try to balance defensive and offensive skills.

Careful - You will try to be more defensive than offensive.

Defensive - You will forego most of your offense for defense.

Pacifist - You will be completely defensive and will not fight back.

*no skillgains while frantic.

Other than stats and skills, what affects my combat abilities?

Equipment, terrain, weather, wounds, hunger/thirst and encumberance all have an effect on your combat abilities. There are also other effects and more will most likely come into play as the game continues to evolve. Some things affect your abilitites to fight positively, others negatively. Being wounded, hungry, overencumbered or using poor equipment will, for example, impair your fighting abilitly. Clearly using good equipment and being in a good physical state will have the opposite effect or no effect.

What is the difference between hit and kill?

Using the hit command means that you will not attempt to kill your opponent. Instead you will stop attacking them when they have fallen unconscious. Kill on the other hand will make you continue attacking your opponent even after they have fallen unsconscious.

Two things are worth to note. Firstly, always use hit when you start a fight. The reason for this being that RP is expected from you before you kill a person and it gives the person dying a chance to RP their last moments. Secondly, using hit is no guarantee that the other person won't die in combat. A lucky hit can cause the other person to fall dead rather than unconscious.

I am bleeding, what do I do?

You have taken a hard hit and you are bleeding. This is not good. If you do not stem the bleeding you will eventually bleed to death. Holding a bandage in one hand and using the bind command will cause your character to start to bind the wound to stem the bleeding. You can not take any other actions such as combat or crafting when you are attempting to use the bind command. Using the bind command without a bandage in your hand will cause you to try and use your empty hands to stem the bleeding. Using your hands will stop the bleeding until you start to move. So in order to completely stop the bleeding and move anywhere, you are going to need a bandage.

You need one bandage for every wound (this might change as we get more advanced somatics in). Binding a wound often does not heal it either. You will need to go see a doctor to tend to the wound… If you can make it to one.

How does my stats affect my combat abilities?

Stats on ParallelRPI are quite simple and quite forward.

Strength - Affects how much you can carry and encumberance as well as melee damage.

Agility - Affects the speed with which you attack.

Dexterity - Affects your skill caps in many skills, virtually all combat skills.

Constitution - Affects how fast you heal, how much damage you can take and how endurance you have.

Intelligence - Affects your overall skill caps, that is how much you can learn in total and at which point you will start losing points in skills you do not use for skills you do use (help focus). It also affects the rate at which you learn.

Willpower - Affects negative modifiers when hungry, encumbered or damaged. The higher your willpower, the better the modifier.

How can I stop the spam of text when I fight in large groups?

Using set combat will cause you to see only messages involving your enemy and those directly involved with it. You will not see any other combat messages in the room.

Using set highlight will cause the game to highlight personal attack messages.

Using set autodia will cause you to see the health of your enemy in your prompt.

All of these three will help you make combat a lot smoother and less spammy.

Can I aim a hit?

Yes you can. Using the strike command you can target different bodyparts.

Strike arm
Strike head
Strike leg

These examples would strike the arms, head or legs. You can not specify left arm, right arm or such, only arms. The possible locations are head, arms, legs, body, hands and feet. You can cause more damage by striking a specific location, but it is also harder to hit. See help strike for more information.

Why are NPCs attacking me? In a lawful zone it may be because you have commited a crime of sorts and the enforcers are coming to get you. You can try to run, but it is not advisable. The best thing is to use the “surrender” command and give yourself up. The syntax is “surrender <NPC or PC keyword>”. It works for PCs as well as for some NPCs. Help subdue for more information.

In wilderness zones it is most likely an aggressive, or aggro, NPC that is after you. These NPCs will not accept your surrender, they want blood. You can either try to run or fight. To find out more information on running or fighting, check the combat FAQ.

How do I surrender to a person/NPC?

The syntax is “surrender <npc/pc keyword>”. Type help subdue for more information.

How do I release a prisoner to another PC or NPC?

The syntax is “release <keyword>” or help release for more information.

How do I rescue/guard someone?

To rescue a person from their attacker in combat, the syntax is “rescue <keyword>” it may or may not succeed. If it does not succeed, try again. Using the rescue command puts a delay on your character, stopping you from taking any other actions a few seconds after the succesfull rescue.

To guard a person so that they are not targetted in combat, the syntax is “guard <keyword>”. If you guard a person you will attempt to step in the way for anyone trying to attack that person. It may or may not succeed. To read more about guard and rescue, locate the help rescue.

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