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Cybernetics were illegal in the Terran Planetary Federation. It was regarded as a heinous practice, an affront to nature almost akin to cannibalism. Amongst the original prisoners of the Moon were quite a few illegal cybernetic doctors serving time for carrying out these outlawed operations on other people. When the prisoners liberated themselves, these doctors found that there was a demand for their rare and lucrative abilities.

While the practice of cybernetic enhancement is still regarded with some apprehension, the denizens of the Moon do not consider it a sacrilege. However, since the experts are long gone and the tools for the job have to be improvised from whatever can be found in the ruins, the procedures have become rather more risky and experimental. It is also incredibly expensive and takes a hefty toll on the body, and some suffer crippling complications for the rest of their lives.

Very few undergo cybernetic surgery purely to improve their physical prowess in some way. It is too expensive and risky for all but the most reckless of Rust's denizens to attempt without dire need. Most commonly, victims of grievous injuries find that it is the only thing that can save their lives or bodily functions. If they are lucky, they can afford it or have friends who will foot the bill. If they are unlucky, they must pledge their life to the local boss or carry out some horrible task that they could not get anybody else to do. Everyone seems to know some guy whose uncle's cousin's neighbour burned an orphanage in order to get a new arm.

For the most part, cybernetic replacements are limited to single limbs and bodily functions such as organ replacement or sensory restoration. There are no full-body cyborgs, no synthetic humans, no head transplants, no built-in jetpacks, and no poor, penniless slum-dwellers who got four new limbs and a full circulatory system replaced. It is exceedingly rare to see a person with more than a hand, an eye, a knee or similar bodyparts replaced, and major enhancements are for the likes of faction leaders and other local heroes.

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