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Historical Knowledge

Amongst the many stories that are kept by the older members of Rust include some on the fate of the human race. This document is a summary of those stories, and can be considered common knowledge.

21st Century

The events of the 21st Century are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that the Earth suffered a great calamity during the Third World War. Most believe this was due to a massive nuclear exchange between nations during the war, and this destroyed much of the life on the surface. It is told that the Earth was abandoned during this time, with much of the remaining population relocating to the lunar surface and the colony that had been established there.

22nd Century

The beginning of the 22nd Century opened beneath the crimson flag of the Terran Republic. The remnants of humanity had been united, either forcefully or through other means, and it was under the Terran flag that humanity returned to the battered Earth. At the same time, the Terran Republic began to colonize several locations in the solar system. Mars was the first, then Titan, and Calisto as well was colonized. The stories tell of how humanity changed itself as it spread amongst the planets and moons of the solar system. Such is the origin of the various races that walk around Rust today.

23rd Century

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