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-In the year 2533Venus is officially inhabited by the human race. Though colonization of the planet surface does not immediately commence, the colonial fleet arrives at its destination of Sky City and begins preparations for its various missionsTwelve hundred individuals in total, the colonists consist of everything from government officials and their families to scientiststrained expedition soldiers, mercenaries, and a group of selected civilians from the tertiary sectorNo children embark on the expeditionsave for a few sons and daughters of the elite -- this mission concerns the extraction of valuable resources in hostile environments as well as analysis of the ecosystem that has developed on the planet, not permanent habitationYou come to Venus to work.+One hundred and twenty years ago, the prisoners of the penal colony on the Terran Moon rebelledThey rose up against their wardens in an explosion of violence and broke free of their chainsseizing control of the colony in less than a monthOne after one, the lunar outposts fell to this coalition of former prisoners until the last remnants of the overseers were forced to flee into a fortified biodome known as the Hyperion PlatformThere they have stayed ever since.
-Led by the enigmatic Sky Gaiman, president of the United Lunar Nationevery man and woman of the colonization crew works under one of the three corporations in charge of the expeditionwith the sole exception of a mercenary group hired as reserve manpowerEach corporation has its own goals and ambitionsand though the president's own company of Gaimain Corp is the largest and most powerful, they rely on the rest and can by no means fulfill the task on their ownThe secretive and fiercely competitive Lunar Industrial is long-standing rival to the more scientifically inclined Hearst & Sons. The mercenary group, though not an official corporation, eyes the chance to take their share of the market and enter the competition. Gaiman Corp does not care who first fills the quotas and does not discriminate when it comes to issuing contracts. They buy the resourcesplace new orders, handle shipping of goods back to the Moon, and enforce the law in the colony.+As the liberated prisoners pillaged the colonyits structures fell into ruin. Unchecked mayhem and brutality led to the destruction of many vital facilities, and soon the atmospheric generators themselves were starting to fail. As the habitable zone shrank, the prisoners found themselves corralled into an increasingly smaller area of the MoonHere they settledfounding the town of Rust around the impregnable fortress of HyperionSo began century of strifehardshipbloodshed and alliances.
-Each corporation has brought its share of staff from the primarysecondary and tertiary sectors: men and women to extract the precious resourcesto refine them and prepare them for shipping, to maintain the colony and the crew's equipment, to service them and see to their needsWhether an expedition soldiera mechanic, a cantina cook or a field nurse, everyone is here to do job. Everyone has to earn their wage and secure their futurewhether they hope to launch a career in one of the powerful corporations or merely scrape together enough money for some project of their ownThough there is no official deadline for the expedition, all colonists are required to sign a minimum contract of five yearswith the option of extension until the mission is accomplished. For those who wonder how much is expected of the corporate employees, the message is plain and simple: do your job or your lose your wage -- the next personnel transport leaves Sky City in five years.+These days, Rust is a sea of slums surrounding the biodome of the Hyperion Platforma labyrinth of squalor and destitution. Six generations have passed since the prisoners overthrew their wardens, and few spare much thought to the origins of the settlementOutside Rustthe Moon is a perilous wasteland littered with the ruins of outposts and work camps, some of which have been picked clean long ago while others are still combed by scavengersMost denizens of the Moon prefer to stay in townhowever, as the hazards of the lunar plains are well known.
-Despite its marvels, it is clear that Sky City cannot house all twelve hundred colonists for long. It contains the facilities necessary for the prolonged habitation of the corporation executives, their families, their secretaries and assistants, and the personnel required to operate the unmanned cargo vessels departing Sky City with the materials gathered on the surfaceA few weeks after arrival, once briefing and settlement preparations are in place, the workforce must transfer to the strange and unexplored surface of Venus. +The political climate of Rust is one of constant quarrel and competitionThere are three major factions at play: the New Guard, the Niners, and the Red Company. Each has its agenda and its patch of turf carved out of the town's geography, and the only neutral ground of the settlement is its marketCountless turf wars, rivalries, claims and disputes have taken place, and the rise and fall of leaders has been constant feature of Rust's sordid society for generationsThere is never true winnerbut always plenty of losers
- +
-Underneath the facade, tensions run high. Each faction on Venus has a number of goals, often overlapping, and each stands to gain from the failure of the othersWinning an important contract can mean the difference between life and death for the company -- and, occasionally, for the individual. Keeping your cards close is crucial as weaknesses will be exploited by unscrupulous rivals. Though the corporations need to work together and formally agree to a number of tenets, they all want as big piece of the cake as they can getWhile everyone knows that openly eliminating rival faction is out of the question in this remote placethere is no shortage of backroom dealings and underhanded tactics, and no lack of aspiring leaders to take over from a previous and less resourceful one+
 +The denizens of the Moon, descendants of the prisoners who hailed from four different worlds in the Terran Planetary Federation, have not heard from their homes since the rebellion. Many choose to forget about the past, and indeed not much is known as literacy is all but extinct on this abandoned rock. People can trace their biological heritage to Earth or one of its colonies, some of which have environments that produce distinctive sub-species, but no one has any real knowledge of their ancestry save that they have all descended from the prisoners of the colony.
 +Hyperion is an intriguing mystery to the denizens of Rust. It consists of an enormous metal platform upon which is a reflective biodome, and it is presumed that the last of the wardens - or their descendants - live inside. Stories of untold luxuries and prosperity abound, every Ruster dreaming of breaking into the city inside and escaping the foul, hazardous and thoroughly depleted wasteland of the Moon. They have waited for that very moment for one hundred and twenty years.
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