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The races of Rust are all various off-shoots of Humanity, genetically engineered to better fit their homes. Due to the extensive genetic variations, they are not capable of breeding outside of their own sub-set.



In the settlement of Rust, Terrans are the most common being encountered. Considered by most to be closest to the original humans that colonized the moon in the distant past, they are neither particularly deficient or exceptional at any particular task. Individually, they are rather diverse, coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as ethnicities, although considering the significant time since colonization, it is rare to find anyone of particularly pure genetic heritage.



Boosts: +2 Int, -1 Con

Not particularly uncommon, Martians are on average taller than Terrans while being slighter in build. Significantly, they are completely hairless, a flawed result of the Mars Colony's early attempts at genetic engineering. Beyond these two slight differences, Martians are by and large very similar in appearance to Terrans, and are not out of Legend and rumor states that the Mars colony focused on high-tech engineering and scientific pursuits, though the truth has been lost in the haze of time. What is true, however, is that Martians seem to have a knack for intellectual pursuits, and are often in high demand by the Gangs for their abilities.



Boosts: +2 Con +1 Str -1 Agi

Titans are rarer than Martians, but by no means are a surprising sight to behold on the streets of Rust. They are, however, rather divergent in appearance from either Martians or Terrans. They are on average shorter than Terrans, and stout in build. Their eyes are pigmented entirely black, and there is little differentiation between their pupil and outer parts of the eye. Additionally, their skin is unusually thick, pigmented a slightly reddish hue. Many Titans are believed to have come from mining stock on the Titan moon, engineered to be effective workers on the hostile surface. Being particularly tougher than your average denizen of Rust, they are popular choices for Gangs to hire for dangerous jobs.

Minor Cybernetics

Boosts: +1 Player's Choice, +1 Player's Choice, -1 Staff's Choice

You have had a limb replaced, or perhaps one or both eyes, or another part of your body restored by cybernetics. For the most part, this restores the usage of that body part, but might enhance its function to an extent. Legs might pack a more powerful kick, arms might be able to lift heavier loads, or eyes may be able to pick up details and store them with greater ease.


Moderate Cybernetics

Boosts: +2 Player's Choice, +1 Staff's Choice, -1 Staff's Choice

Not only has a damaged part of your body been replaced, but its function has been noticeably enhanced as you learned to use it once again. This is a modification that is difficult to hide, and most will know you for being a cyborg. A spine might be sturdier and allow you a quicker ease and reaction time, replaced arms and the pectoral girdle may make you obviously much stronger, or your legs are now quicker than they once were. Your neural pathways might have been enhanced, and transmit quicker, with the work done for your cybernetics.


Boosts: Infravision, +1 Agi, +1 Dex -1 Con

Calistans are perhaps the rarest subset of Rust's population, though this is due both to the fact that they are rare in numbers and often choose themselves not to be seen. Calistans are about the same height as a Titan, though perhaps a little shorter on average, They are also very slight of build, having particularly spindly limbs that seem fairly lanky when compared to your average Terran. Their eyes are perhaps their most unique feature, being several times larger than any of the other beings of Rust, while also being pigmented completely black like a Titan. These eyes are quite particular, however, as they take in enough light that Calistans are able to see in the dark without the aid of any light source. This gives them a somewhat unsettling appearance, as well as an unsavory reputation for being thieves and bandits. Regardless of their reputation, they are often sought by Gangs to employ in unsavory activities, or otherwise assist with work in the dark.


Major Cybernetics

Boosts: +3 Player's Choice, +2 Staff's Choice, -2 Staff's Choice

Much of your body has been replaced with cybernetics. While these have enhanced your abilities in some ways, in others you experience some loss of function or finer control. Even so, there are obvious benefits. Your body might be sturdier with a number of metal bones in place of skeleton and support plates on the skin, sleek replacements allow you a quicker reaction time, or there's just not some flesh to get in your way and you have been streamlined.

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