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-====== Survivors ====== 
-Survivors are something of an enigma even to themselves. Having woken from an extended cryo-sleep either during the SBS Phoenix I's time in space, or during or after the crash, their former lives are conspicuously absent from their memories. Not even their original name remains. To many, their lives began when they were unfrozen and stepped naked out of their pods to give a designation to the Ship's computer: Soldier, Engineer, or Scientist. While they may have flashes of memories and a sense of being alien to the Lunar cities, at the same time it is readily apparent whoever they were, and wherever they come from is long gone.  
-(Please note that in this universe, the Phoenix I was never infected by the GTs. As such, Parallel Survivors will be nothing like the Survivors that Atonement players will be familiar with. This section in particular will probably get rewritten)  
-  * **Survivors - 4 RPP cost** - //Stat boosts: +2 intelligence, +2 Dexterity, -1 Constitution // \\ Survivors may be from any race, ethnicity, and religion on Earth. If you wish to play a Survivor, please give them a real name and age; but keep in mind that they will not know it.  
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