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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask via the Help Desk, or in the case of private matters, e-mail


Respect is key. Remember the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. This means no defamation or harassment of any kind. Slurs against racial, religious, lifestyle, or other beliefs of your fellow members will not be tolerated whatsoever.

Mature Content

Any objectionable content requires OOC consent prior to engagement. This includes roleplay of sexual, torture, or abusive nature. Sexual content may only be roleplayed in private rooms and locations where it is clearly approved; the room should have a lockable door or a note that allows adult roleplay. If consent is not given, the objectionable roleplay must cease immediately or fade to black if deemed appropriate to maintain immersion.

Rape is expressly forbidden, including the threat, insinuation and accusation of, and will be punished to the highest extent.
Additionally, any sexual activity with children under the age of 18 (OOC and IC), is forbidden regardless of consent.

Characters, Roleplay, and IC vs OOC

Characters under the age of 18 are not permitted at this time.

Please remember to keep a distinction between IC and OOC. Please refrain from sharing information you have obtained IC with other members of the game so they may have the chance to learn and react themselves. Even though you may know something that your character does not, we ask that you roleplay realistically and roleplay only what your character has learned through the game.

This also means if your character dies, any information they have learned cannot carry over to your next character, nor can any of your characters have had any relationship with your previous characters without staff permission. All IC arrangements must be organized and roleplayed out in game.

Please refrain from sharing character information for 30 days after your character dies. This gives other characters and plots a chance to conclude without interference. After 30 days has passed, you are welcome to post your identity on the forums.

Death, Suicide, Resurrection and Retirement

Please remember that you may not reveal your identity as a player of a character until 30 days has passed since the character's death. You also may not share or carry over information you have learned while playing your previous character after they die.

We understand that there comes a time when you feel the need to get rid of your current character. We discourage characters committing suicide and recommend that you retire them instead. Once a character is retired, you must wait 4 months before you are able to request to unretire them. However, you may pay 2 RPP any time after 2 months of retirement to unretire your character. Once your character is retired, you are free to create a new character.

If you believe your character died as a result of a bug or another's cheating, you may submit a resurrection request to, but keep in mind that resurrections are rare and only given in extreme cases where it is clear that either a malfunction in the game or malicious abuse from another party lead to your PC's death.

Multiplaying, Powergaming, and Code Abuse

Every player is only permitted one active character at any given time. This is to prevent cheating and promote immersion, so that a player's efforts may be focused on one character rather than a few. In order to prevent multiplaying, there have been coded limitations put into place to prevent more than one account from being created with the same IP address. However, if you have friends or family that would like to play with you and are likely to share your internet connection, please contact a staff member with all relevant account names.

If you have any trouble with registering an account, please contact a staff member.


All character information and history should be original work. Plagiarism off of other people, movies, books, series, etcetera is not tolerated. We encourage creativity, so use your imagination!


The use of any scripts or otherwise automated inputs from a user's mud client are forbidden. This does not include any triggers which do not send inputs to the game.


All punishments are completely at the discretion of Game Staff, and may range from a warning to permanent suspension of your account. Appeals may be made to, but his decisions are final.

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