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 +====== The Military ======
 +There is no longer a standing army in the United Lunar Nation. There was no need for it in the days of Utopia, and the war with the Centaurians' rebellious progeny came too suddenly for the Lunarians to train an army. The absence of real soldiers was part of the reason for the immense destruction wreaked upon the moon -- what few government forces existed at the time were used mainly for parades and pageantry.
 +After victory was secured and the moon had been somewhat rebuilt, a professional army was trained. However, when twenty years had passed without the slightest conflict, this arrangement was deemed wasteful and the army was disbanded. Instead, President Gaiman now employs a security force for governmental purposes, and each major corporation also keeps their own security personnel which they vow to lend in the case of another extralunar conflict. Such a pact is in fact mandatory of all licensed corporations, and earning more than a certain sum of money per year without training and volunteering ten percent of your workforce to this levy is punishable with heavy fines and the revoking of the company's business license.
 +There has never been such a call of duty, however, so none can claim to be veterans. Very few security guards have ever seen real combat of any kind -- they mainly prevent sabotage and espionage, or fend off the occasional riot by environment-conscious protesters. It is said that you will see more violence on an evening stroll through the lowest tier of the Apollo Sector than you will in a lifetime of security detail for a business, and while this is surely exaggerated, the fact remains that nobody in the United Lunar Nation can call themselves warriors.
 +Instead, tournaments and sports associations have sprung up to serve as a way for Lunarians to maintain their skills, and corporations frequently compete against each other using their well-trained "tithe corps" employees. Most are devoted to various forms of fencing or wrestling, and shooting is a far less common practice as extreme gun regulations and ammunition taxes make it impossible for any citizen to own a firearm. A select few officially licensed shooting clubs exist and there are those who boast excellent abilities, but since there is nothing to hunt on the moon and little spectator value in shooting compared to martial arts, few have more than some very basic training with any type of firearm. Additionally, ammunition is very expensive as there is no lead on the moon and the tungsten and gold used in bullets is costly.
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