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Post Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:42 pm      Reply with quote


Or: How to play a PC of the opposite gender.

Now, not so long ago there was a lot of talk on the forums and in chat about believably playing female characters in Rust's setting, blah blah blah, and that of course lead to people discussing how to best play a PC of the opposite gender to themselves.

Someone (I forget who) suggested the best way to create a PC of the opposite sex to the player without gender bias, would be to write a believable character of the same gender, and then simply swap the pronouns.

Now, this thread isn't about policing, criticizing stereotypes or in-depth discussion of the deep, underlying cogs and wheels of roleplay-- it's about my amusement. (That's why you all exist, after all! Razz)

So, here's the basic idea:
1. Take the desc of an old RPI PC.
2. Swap all the pronouns to the opposite sex.
3. Post the results here.
4. Discuss!

I'll start. Here's Darnus from ARPI Beta!

Standing at middling-height, this woman has a large, bony frame,
yet is not overly heavy, apart from a slight gut and modestly
muscled arms. Her face, consisting of low cheekbones, a wide jaw
and broad brow, under which lie her light-coloured blue eyes, is
tan, and framed by messy locks of wheat-blond hair reaching to
her shoulders. Her countenance is completed by a small, aquiline
nose and thin lips, covering a mouthful of yellowed teeth. A
pair of large, weathered hands terminate her long arms, calloused
and showing signs of past physical labour, as well as a few
small, white scars, marring the skin across her knuckles and

The two foremost strands of her tangled hair have been arranged into thin
braids, which hang down either side of her face. Her jacket hangs open at the
front, with the sleeves bunched up around her elbows.

A big-boned, hairy young woman appears to be in excellent condition.

...Your turn!

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Post Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:59 pm      Reply with quote

Jade from ARPI Gamma, one of the few characters I played and probably the only one who's desc I still have:

This woman stands at an average height, with a trim waist, and taut, lithe limbs ending in slender, yet calloused, fingers. Her hair is paradoxically wild and styled, forming a graying black halo about her head. Above high, pronounced cheekbones peer out two bright jade eyes reminiscent of a serpent's, though still clearly human in nature. Her wide mouth contains a too-perfect smile which glimmers when she speaks, revealing what might be gold or copper fillings, and the right side of her willowy neck contains a series of deep, gouge-like scars which extend all the way to her shoulder. Her left arm bears a simplistic tattoo containing an unfurled banner set above what would appear to be two crossed swords, however the exact details of the tattoo, including whatever was written on the banner, have been ruined and marred by a series of scars similar to those on her neck.

A wide-mouthed young woman with jade eyes is here.

He made for a pretty lady.

Bonus round:

Standing of an average height, with a muscular build, this woman bears a map of freckles and scars across her pale skin. A concentration of those freckles bridge her sharp nose, crossing from flat cheek to flat cheek beneath her haunted eyes which were both once a deep ultramarine, though now the left has become misted and cloudy, marred by a jagged vertical scar. Her lips, thin and pale, are set above a narrow chin, and her ears, on the large-side, are angular. A mess of sleek, scarlet hair sits atop her head, pulled back into a ponytail which dangles down between sharp shoulder blades. Her posture is habitually straight-backed, though the expression held by her jagged and toothy mouth is oft predatory.

A red-headed, ponytailed woman with a scarred eye

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Post Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:30 am      Reply with quote

inb4 Gpa posts Jesse's description

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Dictator in Absentia

Post Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:47 am      Reply with quote

Thin as a needle-point with gaunt features, this woman stands at
a decidedly average height. The dark lines that streak beneath
her skin, however, are far from average, and mark her as one of
the uncommon Outland cyborgs. A pair of dark green eyes watch
the world around her with a sleepless wariness, set amidst her
weathered features. What was once likely an almost aristocratic
face has been worn hard by the Lunar days, skin darkened by harsh
sunlight. Scars litter that slender frame, and when exposed, her
knee is apparent as a high-end cybernetic replacement forged of
titon. Calluses litter her hands, particularly the right, and
her stance is vaguely bow-legged, lending her a certain swagger.

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Post Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 6:56 am      Reply with quote

Numerous scars mar this young man's pale skin, some of them recent, some
older and starting to fade away. Cropped orangey-copper hair crowns his head.
Several scars of various shapes and sizes criss-cross his well-defined,
chiseled features, and the crook in the bridge of his aquiline nose shows
evidence of it having been broken at least once. His eyes are a light shade of
blue, framed by long, reddish lashes. Standing considerably taller than the
average Outlander, he possesses a statuesque frame, with long, sinewy limbs
and fairly broad shoulders.

... see, irk? Even the description works for both.

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Post Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:52 am      Reply with quote

Shoulder-length, curly hair, the color of rubies with pearl white, and rose quartz streaks, adorns this man’s head. Eyes, one the color of sapphires,
the other the color of a murky emerald, rest above a thin hawkish nose giving him a habitually predatory expression. His stature is tall, roughly six feet, and broad with a muscular physique that is more curvy, and hourglass rather than athletic. If one were to look closely at this man they might notice that his left knee has been replaced with a metal sphere and pistons and that where veins should be visible, there are instead thick black and blue lines of wire. On his left shoulder is a massive blotchy scar covering the whole of his deltoid. Over all he is rather lean, though close inspection of his cheeks one might notice a slight plumpness, hint at her youthfulness.

The bottom half of his cranium has been cut short, leaving the remaining curls in the form of a sloppy Mohawk which has been stylized pompadour. The rest of the colorful mass is pulled into a low ponytail, held fast with wires. On his back has been tattooed a massive vulture in flight with colorful feathers matching his hair and bloodied talons. Raking across his left cheek is a faint claw mark and over his left eye he wears a yellow polymesh eyepatch adorned with a red diamond

......hottest Tranny evar?

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f--- you that's my fish and i'm having sex with it

Post Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:08 pm      Reply with quote

This man is tall enough that even his slight hunch does not
diminish the effect of his height - rather, it seems only to
accentuate it, giving him a looming sort of presence. He is
otherwise a normal human in appearance, with deeply tanned skin,
dark hair that is habitually shaved down to the skin, and
pronounced Slavic features. His high cheekbones and chiseled jaw
line lend his features a certain refinement, though the effect is
marred by his left eye, which has turned inward toward his nose
so far as to render it useless for sight.

He's tall enough to be either awkward or imposing - over six feet, though
his habitually hunched shoulders hint that he might like to be less. His
frame is Grungetown-lean, muscled and hard, with little in the way of curves to
offset its harsh lines and planes. There's a distinct Slavic cast to his
features, with high cheekbones, an angular jawline, and a straight nose; he
could be called handsome, were it not for the hints of age and the countless
scars that savage his weathered, light olive-toned skin. Most apparent on the
left side of his face, they cluster particularly about his eye, fresh ones
layered over the old, while the orbit looks to have been broken at least once.
Perhaps tellingly, his left eye is turned inward toward his nose, far enough
that it's plainly useless for sight. Kept shaven to a short stubble or close
to it, his thick, deep sable-coloured hair nearly matches his dark eyes.

A grisly mass of recent scar tissue hooks over his right cheekbone and up
over the eyelid, bisecting the brow to his forehead above. His hair is perhaps
half an inch long, parted by scars, and his visible skin is darkly tanned.

A rough, shaven-headed man with an in-turned eye appears to be in excellent

... I think the old version works slightly better, what with the 'curves' reference in the newer one. And Aken, I never argued the desc. Razz

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09:08:36 ‹Holmes› FUCKdgkljald
09:08:38 ‹Holmes› Irkallia
09:08:39 ‹Holmes› YOU GOD AMLDJALgkasdf
09:08:41 ‹Holmes› I WILL KILL YOU
09:08:43 ‹Holmes› WITH MY FACE
09:08:47 * Holmes quit

Entrenched Oldbie

Post Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:52 pm      Reply with quote

Tanned from head to toe, this woman is much taller than the average Grunger but with bulk proportionate to her height. She appears to be in her mid thirties. Scars, some quite severe once, litter her body. Ash-blonde hair crowns the top of her head, kept in a simple tapered cut, bits of gray dotting it here and there. Her rather round face is kept free of scruff, leaving her blunt facial features and light-blue eyes clear. The skin of her right forearm and hand is a flat, matte shade of her skin tone, unmarred and blatantly synthetic. Her left leg matches this, with a faint hum emitting from both limbs.

Of course, as far as Genderbending concepts goes, Elias would've never worked as a female. Elias was masculinity and sexism, in very specific, anachronistic ways.

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