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Wilderness Changes We'd Like to See
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Post Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:09 pm      Reply with quote

Brainwright wrote:
As a new player, I'm about ready to say, "screw the RP."

Just give me something to do that doesn't require 5+ other players. Then I can have something to talk about in between large-scale scavving trips.

Just my two cents, and I'm not really knowledgeable enough to be useful in the rest of this discussion, but no matter how fancyawesome the technical design of the wilderness is, if it doesn't allow time/opportunity for RP I'm probably never going to use it. Maybe I'm in the miniscule minority, there, I don't know.

But the thing is, I would like to use it. There's a lot that's fun about that aspect of the game. Needing a bunch of people hampers RP as much as demanding code features do/would, already, but I think you risk creating even more of a rift between players who mostly want to RP and players who go out into the wilderness ever if you don't keep RPability in mind when dealing with the wilderness game.

The rift already exists, and seems not at all necessary, to me. I personally prefer approaches that tend to close it rather than open it further.

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I would prefer not to.
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