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Questions of Lore
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Post Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:07 pm      Reply with quote

Bogre wrote:
I think the problem of this is the reverse: rather than the culture being dissolved because there are no players reppinpaire, I think players aren't representing the EXISTING cultures hard enough: the Reds, Guard, and Niners.

These institutions have lasted for a long time, but it seems to me players are vaguely using them like they existed on board the Salvation or in late beta.

For instance, a guardsman, esp. one with an RPP role, should be so enmeshed within that culture that he is isntantly recognizable for it. It's more than just wearing a top hat. Whether that comes about with phrases, dress, mannerisms, response to things, I don't know, but I'm of the opinion you should be family first and some other background second.

Those are the strongest ties people living in rust would have at the moment.

So instead of making a fighter who's going to be a Niner, or a medic who's going to work with the Red company, make a technological genius raised and fostered by the Guard, make a 9er who is so fantastically removed from actual real world he's in his own hedonistic makebelieveland.

Other than that- it's just about filling in the blanks. Where was your family from? What areas of Rust do you identify with? What did your prison ancestors end up from ? Etc, etc.

Bogre make a fantastic point about that, here (though I'd love to see people making their own shit up too), especially about the characters that should be engrossed in their clans culture. That being said, especially when it came to what I played in Atonement's Beta (at last as a part of the Vultures it Wilmington's) there was a decided part at the end that made it feel like the vultures were nothing more then just people together, as opposed to what they were supposed to be based on their history. Which I guess would be fine or IC leadership had made an IC move or the characters just decided to change over time, but when people were apping in as just normal dudes with normal clothes and normal attitudes, I felt a lot of potential was being wasted.

I'm not saying that's happening so far, but I'm thinking it -could-, and the point Bogre make about people - especially those apping into RPP roles - I'd something that should have more emphasis put upon it.

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Post Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:06 pm      Reply with quote

They're all humans in the end, and we didn't really intend for them to be treated as different species. There can be some distinction, I'm sure that'd only be natural, but they shouldn't be thought of the way one would elves and dwarves in a fantasy setting. Everyone is human, but some have ancestors who lived on the moon Titan or in the colony on Mars, or on whatever the hell Calistans originate from (ask HAL). This has had some effect on their physique.

Without intending to open any cans of worms, I'd say they can be thought of more like you'd think of, say, white, black and hispanic inmates in a prison - but with a bit more separation as they lived on different planets/moons at one time, although plenty also just lived on Earth - and then their great-grandchildren who now live right alongside each other in the last known settlement on the moon.

There's room for racial roleplay, but we didn't particularly intend to have them be sub-spheres the way you'll find with, say, elves on Armageddon or northmen on SOI. Calistans stand out the most, mainly due to their rarity. Players are welcome to flesh out the races a little with their own interpretations, and there's already a mini-clan consisting mostly of Martians. Races are just one of those things we didn't pour a ton of time into since, well, we made the game in two weeks and felt we had to finish it ASAP if it was to happen at all.

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