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Reality Check
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Poll Question and Results: Why do you not log in anymore?
I do, just not as much because RP sucks 4 votes, 17%
I do, just not as much because the admin/other players suck and don't fix certain things/play the game how I think they should 1 votes, 4%
I do, just not as much because the game is broken 1 votes, 4%
Because the game is broke, RP sucks, and/or I don't like the admin/other players much 10 votes, 43%
I do log in, man, I'm there all the time! 7 votes, 30%
Total Votes : 23

Post Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:48 pm      Reply with quote

So I came across this subject a few times recently and it bugs the shit out of me.


The second bit about the admins I will address first because its the reason I have least to expect and more to assume of. I'm sure it will cause the most prickles, too, so wanted to get that out of the way first..

(1) If you are on a level of familiarity with the admin to the point where you can decide whether you like them or not, enough that it affects whether you play PRPI, maybe you should shut down your IM and your forum chatroom and re-learn the art of immersion. On purpose, I don't ask who someone is, I don't try to become friends with people, because inevitably stuff like this ruins RP.

In the instance of the admin, I find, for volunteers who're doing this for fun as much as you are, probably more given the fact you are no longer playing, I find the admin to be pretty helpful and impartial. I don't know their real genders, or anything about them, and I could care less what their life views are. But as admin, they are doing a good job, I think.

In the instance of other players, come at it from another angle, take a break, change your account name and see if the problem changes. STOP MIXING SO MUCH OFF-GAME. Stuff like that will inevitably improve your experience. But frankly if you're one of these category people, I really couldn't care less about you.

(2) If you're still reading, hopefully it's cause the post is still relevant or of interest - thanks for following me this far.

So you think the game is broken enough not to play and so go elsewhere.

In my experience, the only thing that has been broken is the server staying up and that is something I'm sure they are trying to address. If you stay away from the game because of this, it creates harder problems to fix - such as players not being able to accomplish projects, clans falling apart, and newbies not staying because they have nobody to show them how good things can be.

Support PRPI with your presence, even if you're tabbed in another game, and I can guarantee that PRPI will grow and improve. But it needs people to fuel it and without YOU, other people will have to shoulder the burden. So if you care about the game enough for this to annoy you, start logging in more and representing.

(3) Connected to this is the 'NOT ENOUGH RP' crew and the people who moan about not being able to do enough RPT or group activity. You can't hope for this to change or for the admin to pull positive incentive out of their backsides if you can't be bothered logging in. Some of us, the regular 5-12 people online at any time, many faces they may be, are playing IRREGARDLESS of this problem, knowing that if we don't support the game, the game will cease to exist.



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Entrenched Oldbie

Post Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:46 pm      Reply with quote

I just...stopped. And I didn't feel any great loss, not playing. I'm still taking a break, and still not playing. I keep intending to play, but...after being a driving player in Atonement's Alpha, Beta, and Gamma stages, and early Parallel? I mostly am just interested in small RP scenes here and there as an unimportant background PC. I think I've finally managed it.

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Post Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:54 pm      Reply with quote

YAAAAY! I think this post was well written. As for important Pcs, I think they NEED to be around. Although, nothing stops other people from stepping up and achieving this!

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Post Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:56 pm      Reply with quote

Also wanted to add in, breaks are important! Just because you are getting burned out, doesn't mean you have to keep going! That's why other people do what they do!

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Post Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:58 pm      Reply with quote

The game is broken from a gameplay standpoint and a literal stand point. I decided to play an hour a day minimum about a week ago but when I tried to log in for my hour the game was down. Its been down alot lately.

Now gameplay wise..New additions, Plot, Politics, Clans, Players are all affecting how the game is broken.

New additions: We were suppose to get a new wilderness, and gun overhaul, and computer over haul months ago but none of these came about. It gives the feeling of admins just giving up and not showing an interest in the game. Fortunately the core game from a coded standpoint is good enough so these updates aren't exactly going to save it or break it.

Plot: Not nearly enough RPAs doing things. Players are not creating plots either. This is a sandbox but it feels like you can't do anything and I'll clarify why under politics.

Politics: The market is an enigma that doesn't function with the three clan society we have. Players can opt out of the families and all interaction with them. All commerce goes through the market and the market is a safe zone. It needs to go. Also having 3 clans has always hampered conflict and cooperation. One clan is always the odd man out, you can't go to war because you'll likely face two families, on the flip side if a scav goes out, two families get together and do one but a third probably gets left out because one of the families going wont work with the left out family. The current family structure is bad and doesn't work in conjunction with the market.

Clans: Clans dont feel unique anymore, being a niner isn't much different than being a red in any real sense. Sure niners still 'party' but whoop-de-doo. The main thing about the families is that none of them provide incentive to join them or operate on their turf. There is no reason to live outside the market on a families turf and the only reason to be in a family is to get free gear and have people to play with. Generally corporations and groups in history survive by giving back to its membership. Dukes and Mayors bow to a King because the king gives them land and power. Family members just give everything to their family for no reason other than the continued existence of the clan and the clan lead can have some more power to use at will. There is no kickbacks.

Players/Staff: You can't count on players to change the game and make it fresh. Time and time again staff had to wipe out clans in atonement just to shake things up and make the game fresh again. Players COULD solve all the problems I've stated. They could take down the market. They could change the way clans are structured so more people benefit, they could give indie pc's a reason to open up shop on their turf. But I promise you the player base wont show that initiative. A few players will want to make these changes but the people in leadership positions wont want to rock the boat. NOW staff is not doing anything atm. One staff member is trying to run a few rpts which is good. All other staff have gone quiet. No idea what they are doing, if they even log on, etc. Staff are the game masters in a D&D game, sure we live in a sandbox but we need a game master to narrate and make things fun.

Finally when I log in and see 5 people. I am not encouraged to stay logged in. I need more people to keep me interested.

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Post Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 7:04 pm      Reply with quote

Flincher when's the last time you've played the game dawg?

I'm pretty sure all three of the current clanleads are boat-rockers.

For my part, I'm just kind of burnt out, but I'm trying to focus on some (admittedly meager) crafting and variable improvements in the meantime so I'm at least doing SOMETHING for the game.

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Elfin Slavemaster and Santa double

Post Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:32 pm      Reply with quote

Can we please stop quoting 'overhauls' and stuff admins promised. I can't hate any players, but I can hate what you do. And the one thing any player can do to annoy me is to talk bad about admins because they don't give you what you want right away or because you feel they aren't around. Know that there admins doing things to help and until then, you'll have to just wait patiently. They do have lives/jobs/etc. I myself am partway into entering the Navy and may not be present as much, but I help when I can.

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Post Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:00 am      Reply with quote

Terminobber wrote:
I myself am partway into entering the Navy and may not be present as much, but I help when I can.

Don't do it! Go air force and you won't regret it!!!

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Elfin Slavemaster and Santa double

Post Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:42 am      Reply with quote

Pfft, too little to late. Besides, I love ships bro-baby

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Post Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:31 am      Reply with quote

I think it's really unfair that there isn't another option for why we stopped playing.

I don't log in, like, all that often or ever. It's not because the RP is terrible, and it's not because I think staff suck. The game certainly isn't broken. I stopped because there was an OOC mindset prevalent in the community that was at odds with the sort of game I was expecting and wanted to play.

I've since come back, and most if not all of the other players are still pretty great at roleplaying, the game appears to still be functional codedly, and I still have no problems with staff. I'm just not enjoying it, for whatever reason. You can't assume we're all horrible naysayers.

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