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Post Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:35 am      Reply with quote

The intent of this thread is to brainstorm and make the first few steps towards improving the resources newbies have at their disposal so PRPI isn't as daunting to come into as well as enabling to RP to their fullest. At the moment I'm pretty sedated so I'm going to plant my few basic ideas here for further elaboration.

1) Automated introduction when commencing:
A small narrative, perhaps 5 paragraphs setting the scene when a newb commences. I was particularly fond the awakening scene in Atonement as it really sucked me into the game. Should be 2 minutes max.

2) Help files:
Rewriting a few, making a few others more intuitive to find.

3) Forum guides"
Example -
This is perfect. I'm hoping to wrangle in a few poeple to help out with other topic
like "Dummy's guide to Roleplaying" or "Crafting an you".

4) Helpline and Newb tags:
I'll have to look into this one a bit since I'm not familiar with how it currently works. Not a lot of people know how it works which is a problem itself. Thinking off the top of my head - Instead of auto removing the newbie tag after a certain, short number of hours change it to a week after commencement?

Feel free to toss ideas this way. I'ld also love to talk to people both old players and new to find what they found a struggle when they first started on this engine. I'm pretty much always on chat or you can drop me a PM or Mudmail.

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